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Coming September 29th

Her smile held him transfixed, and he couldn't look away. He longed to hold on to every smile she gave him, as they had become rare occurrences lately. He wanted to make sure to cherish every one he received.


But it was the times when he came in alone, and the room filled with the warmth of his presence, that she had truly enjoyed. They'd been on the brink of something special. Until the truth came out and everything between them imploded.


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His blue eyes shone as he smiled. For a moment, she was lost in them. The comforting color felt like a cocoon, insulating her from harm. It seemed like that smile was just for her. That only she could bring out that glow in his eyes.

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Music always found its way into the deepest places of his soul. Since losing his sister, it was his way out. A way to disappear where no one but him knew the path. It soothed his mind, giving it and the unsettled thoughts that battered him rest. It healed his heart yet he still didn’t feel whole.

Not until her.


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The man was potent without even trying. What would it be like if he gave a woman all his focused attention? Her cheeks heated as her mind went to some pretty dirty places, like how vigorously he’d devour her before―


She turned her head to face him and smiled. A simple smile, and his knees weakened. Him, a Delta operator. Strong, tough, and mean. Brought down by a smile.

She's experienced terrible loss. Will she be able to let go of her guilt and open her heart to another?


He's experienced his own hardships but is determined to begin to trust in his heart.


They will need to put their differences aside and learn to trust each other in order to save the one they care about.


Emma's Element

Nighthawk Search and Rescue Book 3

He may play a superhero on the big screen, but it’s the fierce warrior in his arms who instructs him in the mastery of true courage.


Annika's Aurora

Nighthawk Search and Rescue Book 2

He left her once to protect her from his shame, he would not make that mistake again.

Natalie's Nighthawk

Nighthawk Search and Rescue Book 1

He’s dedicated his life to search and rescue but will face the most important mission of his life and if he fails, he risks losing everything.

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You make me breathless

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