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You've met Ox, the bartender at Jolene's in Sophie's Song. See what happens when he finally gives in to his feelings for the single mom waitress.


In the twilight of his forties, Ox, a former military man turned bartender, never expected love or family to grace his life. That is until Nan, a single mom, stepped into the bar where he worked. For years, he'd secretly admired her from a distance, but it took a harrowing incident with an unruly patron to break down their defenses and draw them closer.


Nan, still healing from the loss of her husband, hadn't dared to dream of love again. Yet, with every passing day by Ox's side, her heart found solace. Ox's boundless patience with her children won them over just as fast as he won her heart.


But when the vengeful patron returns, invading Nan's sanctuary, Ox steps into the role of protector with unwavering determination. He'll go to any lengths to safeguard the family he never knew he yearned for. As the holiday season approaches, Ox is resolute in cherishing the most precious gift he's ever received - a love unlike any other and a newfound family.

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