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Annika's Aurora

Annika was heart-achingly stunning, as she’d always been. Now, if he could only get her to smile, her smile had a special magic. Nobody could resist her smile. Especially not him.


His voice swept over her, drifting helplessly on the notes of the song, carried away by the cadence. His soft baritone cradled her, gently rocking all worries away. She let the melody surround her, allowing it to enter her heart, a heart that had been frozen for too long. Each pluck of the guitar’s strings also plucked her heartstrings, the vibrations shattering more ice.


This Navy SEAL walked away from the only girl he ever loved. Now that he has a second chance, he won't make that mistake again.

Annika's life had been marked by tragedy and loss, but nothing could prepare her for the moment she came face to face with the man who had shattered her heart. Logan, her twin brother's best friend, had disappeared from her life years ago, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her shattered dreams alone.

After enduring unimaginable pain and heartache, Annika had slowly rebuilt her life, finding solace in her teaching career and the resilience she had discovered within herself. But when a school shooting tests her strength once again, she finds herself in desperate need of a fresh start.

 Sent to her family's secluded lake house to heal, Annika never expected to find Logan there. Anger and hurt surge within her, but as they spend time together, old memories resurface and secrets are uncovered.

Logan's unexpected apology cracks the walls Annika had built around her heart, and against her better judgment, she finds herself falling in love with him all over again. But just as they begin to rebuild what was lost, a sinister figure from Logan's past emerges, seeking revenge and using Annika as his pawn.    

Will Logan be able to protect Annika from the looming danger and finally find redemption? Together, they must confront their demons and fight for a chance at a love that was always meant to be.

In a heart-stopping climax filled with passion, danger, and the power of love, Annika and Logan must fight against all odds to forge a future together. Will their love be strong enough to overcome the darkness that threatens to consume them? Or will they lose everything, leaving only memories of a love that could have been?

Annika’s Aurora is the second book in the Nighthawk Search and Rescue Series. A standalone, second chance, full length novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating and a guaranteed happy ever after.

Warning: this book contains discussions of grief, suicide, and a school shooting which might be unsettling for some readers.

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