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Natalie's Nighthawk
Nighthawks Search and Rescue Book 1

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Her first kiss. Her first love. Her first heartbreak.

Graham was all those things.

Now, twelve years later, Natalie has to face old wounds when she is forced to ask Graham for help finding her missing students.

Graham has never forgotten Natalie, or their first kiss. The sketch in his office―the one she drew of a Nighthawk, the one he named his business after―reminds him daily of the woman that got away. The life he could have had.

Natalie will need to decide is she’s willing to risk her heart again, but only if she can convince him heroes can have relationships and still save lives.

When Natalie goes missing, he discovers his inner demons are not alone in conniving to destroy their budding relationship. Graham will call on every skill he’s ever learned to save her.

Will he find his heart’s guiding star in time? Or will they both be trapped in the darkness forever?

Natalie’s Nighthawk is the first book in the Nighthawk Search and Rescue series. A standalone, full length, second chance novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


Warning: this book contains scenes discussing domestic abuse which might be unsettling for some readers.

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Annika's Aurora
Nighthawks Search and Rescue Book 2

Logan was a lot of firsts for Annika. Her first friend. Her first love. And the first man she’d ever struck.

And it hurt.

But not nearly as much as the hurt he’d caused when he abandoned her the night her twin brother died fifteen years ago. Consumed by grief, for both men, she fights each day to persevere. She’s a survivor and will weather confronting her past and the man whose arms always felt like coming home.

He deserved that slap, but Logan had his reasons for leaving. Unable to face the guilt he felt because of the accident that killed her brother, he ran, joining the SEALs. He spends fifteen years risking his life to save others as penance for the one life he hadn’t been able to save, while trying to put the woman whose smile sets him on fire behind him.

Desperate for Annika’s forgiveness, Logan sets out to make things right. But someone with a score to settle threatens his second chance. Will he be able to shield Annika from the threat or will his own demons destroy their happily ever after?

Annika’s Aurora is the second book in the Nighthawk Search and Rescue Series. A standalone, second chance, full length novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating and a guaranteed happy ever after.

Warning: this book contains discussions of grief, suicide, and a school shooting which might be unsettling for some readers.

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Emma's Element
Nighthawks Search and Rescue Book 3

He may play a superhero on the big screen, but it’s the fierce warrior in his arms who instructs him in the mastery of true courage.

Marcus has a sexy charisma that was both inaccessible and dangerous for someone like her. The man has women throwing themselves at him constantly, it would be foolish of her to wade into that for a sexy chin dimple. But with the reverence he whispers her name, the heated glances that make her squirm, and the sublime caresses of his hand, she was a goner . . . and headed straight to heartbreak.

Avoiding the reality of his life, he hoped to stay in denial for as long as possible in order to have a little something just to himself and he wanted everything Emma’s beautiful eyes could promise. But he’d been a fool to think he could have her without the consequences of his life getting in the way. To shield her from the harsh world of his celebrity, he walked away.

When an unexpected encounter brings them back together, he feels as if he can finally breathe again. She’s everything he’s been searching for and becoming the man she loves would be his greatest role ever.

When an ultimate betrayal threatens their lives and everything they’ve built, she vows to stand by him, shield him from heartache, and cut through anyone who dared to hurt him. But will it be enough? Will he finally acknowledge to himself that they are stronger together? If they prevail, the production of their love story could be an epic romance.

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Sutton's Shadow
Nighthawk Search and Rescue Book 4

Releasing June 21, 2022

The shadows brought them together, but it was the light that would bind them for all time.

Sutton Masters lives with grief and shame, letting the shadows of guilt shield her as she settles into her new life after the death of her fiancé. She’s content with the small jobs her photography studio brings in, even while shooting portraits and the Lake Haven's advertising campaign may not bring the thrills she’d once craved.

Too broken to love again, reconnecting with her fiancé’s best friend is the last thing she expected. Wyatt, and his dimple that does dirty things to her mind, breaks through the walls she’s imprisoned behind, giving her a quiet strength and the power to battle the shadows that haunt her.

The disappearance of his teenage sister demands Wyatt “Tin Man” Tinsley entire focus, yet he finds himself seeking out the woman he’d once desired but lost to his best friend. Sutton becomes his biggest comfort as the worries for his sister intensify. He’s heard the rumors claiming she’s responsible for his friend’s death and sees the darkness she lives with but vows the shadows will not imprison her any longer.

His heart is a goner, craving all of her yet terrified the aching hunger is all he’s going to be left with. He’ll be trapped forever in that moment when his best friend declared he would marry the woman that Wyatt wanted.

But as they imbue new light into each other, a darker shadow they didn’t see coming threatens to destroy everything they built together. Will Wyatt be able to find his girls in time, or will the Tin Man lose his heart forever?