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The shadows brought them together, but it was the light that would bind them for all time.

Sutton Masters lives with grief and shame, letting the shadows of guilt shield her as she settles into her new life after the death of her fiancé. She’s content with the small jobs her photography studio brings in, even while shooting portraits and the Lake Haven's advertising campaign may not bring the thrills she’d once craved.

Too broken to love again, reconnecting with her fiancé’s best friend is the last thing she expected. Wyatt, and his dimple that does dirty things to her mind, breaks through the walls she’s imprisoned behind, giving her a quiet strength and the power to battle the shadows that haunt her.

The disappearance of his teenage sister demands Wyatt “Tin Man” Tinsley entire focus, yet he finds himself seeking out the woman he’d once desired but lost to his best friend. Sutton becomes his biggest comfort as the worries for his sister intensify. He’s heard the rumors claiming she’s responsible for his friend’s death and sees the darkness she lives with but vows the shadows will not imprison her any longer.

His heart is a goner, craving all of her yet terrified the aching hunger is all he’s going to be left with. He’ll be trapped forever in that moment when his best friend declared he would marry the woman that Wyatt wanted.

But as they imbue new light into each other, a darker shadow they didn’t see coming threatens to destroy everything they built together. Will Wyatt be able to find his girls in time, or will the Tin Man lose his heart forever?

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Nighthawks Book 1

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Nighthawks Book 2

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Nighthawks Search and Rescue

Meet the men and women of Nighthawks Search and Rescue who put their lives on the line so others may live.