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He’s my brother’s best friend, my nemesis while growing up.
Our prank wars were epic.
I’d dumped a bucket of water mixed with glitter on his head from the deck. He’d put crickets in my bed.
I’d stolen the wheels from his skateboard. He’d tied me to a tree and bombarded me with nerf darts.
I’d yanked his pants down in front of the cheerleaders in middle school. He’d stolen my bra and hung it in the boy’s locker room.
But he also hopped on his bike and rode two miles to help me when the chain on my bike popped off and I’d been stranded.
He’d wait to walk me home after school even as he pretended it wasn’t me he was waiting for.
And he came to my rescue again when my boyfriend abandoned me in the creepy pool hall after becoming irate when I bested him in a game.
His mere presence at Nighthawk Search and Rescue’s training facilities could put all my hard fought for plans at risk. I came to Nighthawk for training so that I could make a difference at home and unbeknownst to me, the county leaders sought to circumvent my dreams by sending him to train as well.
But as he comes to understand my intentions, things ignite between us. Gazes intensify, blood heats up, and when risk presents itself, the resulting detonation is scorching. Until an unforeseen menace threatens everything we begin to build together. If I can escape the threat, will we have a chance at forever? Or is he executing another epic prank at my expense?
Nadia’s Nemesis is a prequel in the Nighthawk Search and Rescue series. A standalone, brother’s best friend novella with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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