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His blue eyes shone as he smiled. For a moment, she was lost in them. The comforting color felt like a cocoon, insulating her from harm. It seemed like that smile was just for her. That only she could bring out that glow in his eyes.


Music always found its way into the deepest places of his soul. Since losing his sister, it was his way out. A way to disappear where no one but him knew the path. It soothed his mind, giving it and the unsettled thoughts that battered him rest. It healed his heart yet he still didn’t feel whole.

Not until her.


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A young woman haunted by a turbulent past of abuse and tragedy meets a man who gives her the kind of love people immortalize in songs. 

Escaping a life of abuse, Sophie embarks on a courageous journey with a secret that could either save her or lead to her downfall. With only fifty dollars to her name, she arrives in Lake Haven stripped of everything - homeless, jobless, and starving. Just when she's about to lose all hope, a stranger with comforting eyes comes to her rescue.


Discovering a shared love of music with this mysterious man, Sophie’s walls crumble, and she experiences a love that could rival the most passionate songs. In her darkest moments, she never dreamed of such joy, laughter, and music in her life. Evan and the extended Nighthawk family not only give her back her voice but also the strength to face her greatest fear - losing everything once again.


Haunted by his past mistakes as a Chicago detective, Evan seeks redemption by dedicating himself to his new role as a Nighthawk. Consumed by guilt and grief, he finds solace when he stops to aid a stranded pedestrian and meets a woman with captivating eyes. Determined to uncover her secrets, Evan must confront his own shameful past to earn her trust.


When Sophie suddenly disappears, Evan will stop at nothing to find her and ensure that the monsters who tormented her receive the justice they deserve. With the line between life and death blurring, can Evan confront his own fears and past failures to protect those he holds dear? Will Sophie and Evan survive their harrowing journey and find the healing they desperately seek?


In Sophie's Song, the thrilling sixth installment of the Nighthawk Search and Rescue Series, prepare to uncover breathtaking secrets as a woman on the run fights for her happily ever after. Complete with heart-stopping suspense, soul-stirring romance, the resiliency of the human spirit, and the healing power of music, this standalone novel will capture your heart, leave you longing for more, and comes with no cliffhangers, betrayals, and a guaranteed happy ending.

Warning: this book contains instances of domestic abuse which might be unsettling for some readers.

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