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She's experienced terrible loss. Will she be able to let go of her guilt and open her heart to another?


He's experienced his own hardships but is determined to begin to trust in his heart.


They will need to put their differences aside and learn to trust each other in order to save the one they care about.

In the depths of darkness, their paths collide, sparking a love that defies all odds.


Sutton Masters, burdened with grief and haunted by guilt, finds solace in the shadows as she rebuilds her life after the tragic loss of her fiancé. Content with her photography studio, she never expected to be drawn to Wyatt, her late fiancé's best friend. As Wyatt breaks down the walls imprisoning her, he ignites a fire within her, giving her the strength to confront her fears.


Wyatt "Tin Man" Tinsley is consumed by the disappearance of his teenage sister, but he can't help but gravitate towards Sutton, the woman he once pined for. Despite the rumors linking her to his friend's death, Wyatt sees the pain Sutton carries and vows to free her from her past.


Their connection grows stronger with each passing day, but lurking in the shadows is a threat neither of them anticipated. As their love blossoms, a darkness emerges, threatening to shatter everything they've worked for. Will Wyatt be able to save his loved ones in time, or will he lose everything he holds dear?


Sutton's Shadow is a captivating romance novel, part of the thrilling Nighthawk Search and Rescue Series. Delving into the power of love after loss, this standalone story promises an unforgettable journey filled with hope, redemption, and an unbreakable bond. Readers will experience a rollercoaster of emotions as they race towards a heart-stopping conclusion. Don't miss out on this gripping tale that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

Sutton's Shadow is the fourth book in the Nighthawk Search and Rescue Series. A standalone, finding love after loss, full length novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating and a guaranteed happy ever after.


Warning: Child trafficking is discussed in this novel, a subject that may be disturbing to some readers.

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