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She was everything he’d been searching for all these years. His missing element. And the thought of having to walk away from her filled him with despair. She glanced his way, merriment shining in her soulful doe eyes. And when she smiled at him, his heart cracked. How in the world was he ever going to walk away from everything her beautiful eyes could promise? He had to. There was no way around it. He couldn’t allow the vultures who circled him to crush her spirit.


The man was too good looking, with a sexy charisma that was both inaccessible and dangerous for someone like her. The man had women throwing themselves at him constantly. He’d been photographed with supermodels and A-list actresses on his arm. It would be foolish to wade into that for a sexy chin dimple.


In the glitzy world of Hollywood, he's the epitome of a superhero. But it's the fierce warrior in his arms who teaches him what true courage means.

Former Coast Guard member Emma finds solace in her new role as a search and rescue trainer after the tragic loss of her partner. When she is assigned to train Hollywood heartthrob Marcus for an upcoming movie, sparks fly unexpectedly. Emma's initial assumptions about Marcus are shattered as she discovers his true kind-hearted, funny, and irresistibly sexy nature.

Their burgeoning relationship, however, attracts unwanted attention from the media, prompting Marcus to abruptly leave for Hollywood, fearing devastation for Emma's life. A year later, their paths cross again, and Marcus is determined not to repeat his past mistakes. But danger looms as someone targets Marcus, leveraging Emma's life to get what they want.

When a devastating betrayal threatens everything they hold dear, will she stand by his side, shielding him from the pain? And will he realize that they can only weather this storm together?


Emma's Element is an enthralling standalone novel in the Nighthawk Search and Rescue Series, where a celebrity falls in love with an ordinary woman. With no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after, this gripping romantic suspense will leave you begging for more.

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