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The man was potent without even trying. What would it be like if he gave a woman all his focused attention? Her cheeks heated as her mind went to some pretty dirty places, like how vigorously he’d devour her before―


She turned her head to face him and smiled. A simple smile, and his knees weakened. Him, a Delta operator. Strong, tough, and mean. Brought down by a smile.

A fearless pilot is entangled in a web of danger and deceit, and only a reluctant hero could help her escape. Both have secret traumas. But there's the promise of beauty on the horizon if they can open their hearts to each other.

Running for her life from a ruthless drug cartel after witnessing her mentor's murder, Hollynn, takes to the skies, seeking refuge in her crop-dusting plane. But fate has other plans when her engine fails mid-air, forcing her to crash-land in the untamed wilderness.

Enter Jude, a skilled search and rescue specialist who had been looking forward to rest and relaxation at his cabin nearby. Tasked with finding her, Jude stumbles upon Hollynn's crashed plane and its resilient pilot. Determined to complete his mission and get on with his vacation, the shocking discoveries lurking within the depths of the wreckage disrupt his plans, forcing him into the role of Hollynn’s guardian angel.

Drawn to her vulnerability and beauty, he vows to keep her safe from the relentless pursuit of those who want her silenced. However, as they spend more time together, Jude finds himself divulging his deepest secrets, unraveling the tightly guarded walls around his heart.

As weeks pass, Hollynn discovers the irresistible allure of her rugged protector. But she carries a secret that could shatter their blossoming connection. In order to protect Jude's fragile heart, she must make the painful decision to walk away.

When Hollynn finally leaves, it's too late for him to escape the pull of their undeniable connection. Can he overcome the specters from his past to be the man she needs him to be? And can Hollynn trust enough to reveal her secret, or will her own demons keep her locked up tight?

Hollynn’s Horizon is the fifth book in the Nighthawk Search and Rescue Series. A standalone, forced proximity, protector, full-length novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after.


Warning: this book contains brief scenes of violence, and discussions of a character with childhood leukemia.

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